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A Date to Remember
"Safety as a value is about making safe work practices a habit; so not following safety rules or procedures even one time is unacceptable."

-Paul Wouters, Safety Consultant
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Why Make a Commitment to Safety as a Value?

  • Did you know that 5,600 workers in the U.S. are killed on the job and over 4.4 million workers are injured on the job annually?
  • Ninety-six percent of all accidents are caused by human error.
  • A common theme across incidents of on-the-job fatalities?
    People took shortcuts when doing their job.

References: Bureau of Labor Standards:

With safety awareness becoming a key strategy for organizations to save on the costs of rising health care, Paul Wouters presents a dynamic, thought-provoking and entertaining keynote on Safety.

Paul's message is designed to give people the confidence to know how and why they can make a difference when they see an unsafe act or condition. His story of a tragic event and his message emphasizes the fact that Safety is everyone's responsibility. Paul's engaging story telling, helps the audiences grasp the concept of why safety is not just something we are required to do, but why it is an important value and the right thing to do.

A practicing Safety Consultant for a Utility Company, Paul began his career as an electrical lineman for thirteen years and has devoted the past seven years to Safety. Paul's real life experiences become evident in his presentation. His story is based on the foundation of personal courage and responsibility for safety. Paul does not just tell people to work safe, he explains how and why it is important to have a safe working environment.

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